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Lapu Lapu City – A Great Place to Enjoy Your Vacation

Davao City Travel Program: * Travel to Davao City and ride a boat back to your Davao City hotel for lunch * Dinner in Davao City * Return to your Davao City hotel for a late afternoon nap * Early evening ride to your hotel * Ride back to Davao City on a boat * Dinner for two in your Davao City hotel * Return to your Davao City hotel for another late afternoon nap * Early evening ride to your hotel * Sleep until 2:30 am * Repeat. * Budget (Availabel 19): * Airfare from Manila to Davao City (around $400) * Packaging * Other Stuff * Transportation * Food * Total = $628 Davao City Tourists Guide: * Get off the road and walk 1 km to Lares City * Park * Buy guidebook * Travel to Lapu-lapu City and see the castle * Continue walking to Barangan Island * Eat * Return to Lapu-lapu City and sleep * Repeat. * Budget (Availabel 20): * Airfare from Manila to Lapu-lapu City (around $500) * Packaging * Other Stuff * Transportation * Food * Total = $648 * Budget: * Airfare from Manila to Lapu-lapu City (around $500) * Packaging * Other Stuff * Transportation * Food * Total = $645 Davao Tours: * Ride a van all the way around Davaopolis * Explore the countryside * Night Market in Barangay Banahaw * Night Safari in Barangays Punong for kasoy * City tour * Night Safari in Barangays Mariveles, Puno, Sulu * Night Market in Barangay Bagay * Night Safari in Barangay Bagay, Sulu * Day Market in Barangays Lai, Matabungkay, Sulu * Night Market in Barangays Banaue, Malay, Saba * Travel back to Davao City in the wee hours of the morning * Get off the tour in Davao and travel to Lai * Travel back to Davao City in the wee hours of the morning * Total = $769

There are lots of options to experience a unique journey in Davao.

Lapi-lapu City is the tourist hot spot in Davao. It is located around 100km away from Davao city. The city is famous for their unique cuisine and their lifestyle. The best way to explore the uniqueness of Lapu-lapu City is by tour. The tour will pass by the picturesque mountain villages, the night markets, the cultural and religious site and more. The night markets are the coolest destinations in Davao. They have the coolest food in the Philippines. Davao is one place where tourists go to experience the thrill of shopping. Davao is known for their delicious cuisine. The traditional cuisine is the best way to feel the taste of Davao. There is also the exotic cuisine called “Kamisama”.

Tourist will enjoy visiting Lapu-lapu City by boat. There are many tour operators that offer boat trip to Davao. The boat trip is a memorable experience. They will journey to the neighboring islands and the serene towns. They will go down through the beautiful mountain valleys and the lush forests. Davao is the gateway to scenic islets. The beautiful islands are the first attraction of the visit to Davao. Davao is a great place to relax and enjoy the breathtaking view of the breathtaking islets. Davao is known for their unique cuisine. It is not only popular among tourists, it is also popular among locals.

Other places in Davao:

Shopping in Lapu-lapu City

Besides visiting the places above, one can also visit the shopping areas of Davao. The shopping centers have the most unique and beautiful merchandise. The food courts have the finest cuisines. The shopping centers are good as spots for shopping. The street vendors also sell various things. They also sell brass knuckles, native jewelry, handicrafts, tools, knives, jewelry, clothing, footwear, shoes, other accessories, and other household articles.

Lapu Lapu City is located at the southern tip of Mindanao. It is in the province of Sulu Sea. Lapu Lapu City is a historic city that has been founded by the Spanish Governor. It was renamed as Lapu Lapu City. Lapu Lapu City is known for its picturesque natural scenery. The city has been recognized for its various tourist attractions. The area around Lapu Lapu City is also known for its natural wonder. There are various places for camping and trips. The resorts are also known for having the finest facilities. There are many points for the tourists to enjoy the wonderful places in Lapu Lapu City.