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Davao is the third largest city in the province of Misamis Oriental Philippines. It’s known for its rich cultural heritage, which includes colonial buildings and the white stone churches, and its outstanding beauty, which is made even more impressive by its pristine beaches.

Davao is blessed with a glorious beach front, home to white sand beaches perfect for sunbathing and swimming. A few minutes away from Davao is the provincial capital Tagbilaran city, which offers a fine resort hotel as well.

Aside from its beaches, Davao city also offers a fine Art Museum, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, the National Museum, National Historical Park, and a botanical garden. For the adventurers, it offers various adventure sports like swimming, diving, sailing, and snorkeling, jungle walking, and scuba diving.

Hotel rates in Davao city have been increasing steadily. The accommodation is good in Davao city also. People who want a five-star hotel should try Davao Grand Plaza, Aparthotel Davao Resort, and Grand Hyatt Davao Resort & Spa, among others. Other hotels are a little pricier. The budget travelers can opt for the mid-range hotels such as Davao Hotel World, Davao Hotel Grand Park, and the Davao Spa World Resort. All these hotels in Davao city are just a few minutes away from the airport, which is already a convenient location.

Davao hotel prices can range from 500 pesos to 1500 pesos for a standard single room. However, there are places where the rates are as low as 150 pesos for a single room. The price at which they are available depends on the services that they offer.

DaVilla Grand Park is Davao’s most upscale hotel, offering a dining hall, bar, and conference hall. The guestrooms in this hotel range from 650 to 1500 pesos. The beachfront view is awesome in this hotel.

Aguirre Hotels and Davao Hotel are considered medium-priced hotels. Their guestrooms are clean and rooms are available in three types: single, double, and triple. There is also a beachside view. Davao Hotel offers facilities that most tourists can afford, as well as a swimming pool and tennis court.

DaVilla Grand Park is considered a budget-priced hotel. Its rates are as low as 150 pesos for a single room. Other facilities that the hotel provides include a swimming pool and an onsite restaurant. All of their rooms are fitted with television and air conditioner, as well as coffee maker.

Aguirre is a place where you can expect to feel as comfortable as the other places that you can visit on your vacation. Because the hotel is close to the airport, most travelers can not only catch their flights, but also enjoy a short stopover in Davao. However, these accommodations are not as cheap as the ones that include a swimming pool, tennis court, and parking areas.

The hotels of Davao are very well situated on the beachfront. The visitors who are willing to spend more can go to nearby cities such as Davao City and Panglao. So if you are also planning to visit Davao City and Panglao, it will be a good idea for you to book the hotels of Davao City and Panglao. You can go directly to their websites from the Internet, if you prefer. In the past, some hotels of Davao City were closed, as they were having problems because of flooding. The problem was solved, and the services will be restored soon.

Booking Davao hotels online is not that difficult. Many people would think that it is hard to book the hotels of Davao City because it is near to Manila and other cities. In actual fact, it is very easy to reserve the hotel of Davao City because of the availability of many online booking options.

You can go directly to the websites of the hotels of Davao City, where you can check out the prices and the rooms. You can also look over the locations and the facilities of the hotel. Another step that you need to take in order to book the hotel of Davao City is to make a payment. There are a lot of payment options available that you can choose. Online transactions made by many customers have helped Davao hotels to establish this business.

Many people would think that it is difficult to book the hotel of Davao because of the location of the hotels. In actual fact, you can visit the hotel of Davao without trouble. The guests can enjoy the facilities and the things that are within their reach. The guests can enjoy the services of the Davao hotels that are located near to the airport and other places. If you are willing to stay in one of the hotel of Davao located near to the airport, you can go directly to the website of the hotel. This website will give you the booking options in a manner so as to secure the hotel of Davao.

The Davao hotels would give you the facilities of the parking space. The guests can enjoy and the services of the airport hotel that can provide the travelers to save the money of transportation.

If you are willing to stay in one of the hotels of Davao because it is near to the shopping malls or the restaurant or the entertainment centers, you can go directly to the website of the hotel. This website will give you all the information that are related to the travelers which you can use while you can make the booking.