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Staying in Budget Hotels in Central Java

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Book Your Hotel in Davao and Get to Enjoy the Facilities That Are Within Your Reach

Davao is the third largest city in the province of Misamis Oriental Philippines. It’s known for its rich cultural heritage, which includes colonial buildings and the white stone churches, and its outstanding beauty, which is made even more impressive by its pristine beaches. Davao is blessed with a glorious beach[…]

Resort Industry in Davao

The hotel and resort industry in Davao is one of the most beautiful places to visit when it comes to hotels and resorts in Davao Philippines. A lot of people like to stay in the hotels here in Davao and have a lot of fun, while many of the locals[…]

The Best Beach Resort In Davao City Philippines

Davao is located in Eastern Visayas region of Luzon. It is also known as ‘Tajamal’ in Philippine language. It is a very popular tourist place with tourists from all over the world. The place is a small city to its neighboring cities because of its wide roads and pathways. The[…]

The Most Popular Tourist Attractions in the Philippines

The locals and the tourists are best of friends here. You will notice that the beautiful nature that makes this place so great actually draws in tourism. This is because travelers to Davao City will find a place that is more than suitable for all kinds of tourism. From shopping[…]

Best Beaches in Davao: Places to Visit

Davao City has been the most popular candidate’s rally town, and is the “economic powerhouse” of the country. But how about the price of living? What is it like to live in Davao City, and how affordable is it compared to the rest of the Philippines? Before we can answer[…]

Lapu Lapu City – A Great Place to Enjoy Your Vacation

Davao City Travel Program: * Travel to Davao City and ride a boat back to your Davao City hotel for lunch * Dinner in Davao City * Return to your Davao City hotel for a late afternoon nap * Early evening ride to your hotel * Ride back to Davao[…]

Some Places To Visit In Davao City

Davao City Travel Program is the best way to explore this island. It is a series of tours which enables you to visit the main sights of this island without spending a lot of money. One way ticket to Davao is less than a thousand pesos. You can easily get[…]

How to Get Cheap Flights

The rest of the journey is made on roadways with an average travelling time of 1 hour. The airport in Davao is only 5 kilometers away from the city center. The train station is located in Tacloban city. The city is a great place to enjoy a vacation among the[…]

The Davao Airport

The locals here really appreciate your business if you’re visiting them and will show you real hospitality, if you’re with them. They will welcome you with open arms and offer you the best places to eat and drink in their barbeque and other places of entertainment. If you plan to[…]