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What To See In Davao

Davao is the capitol city of the Philippines, with a population of about 2 million and it is a prosperous and flourishing city with plenty to see and to do. The city is built on an islet of the famous Cagayan River. The population is mostly clustered around the central[…]

Travel Tips to Davao

The city is a popular tourist destination where many travelers take flights to Davao to explore its culture, nature, and marvel at the attractions. Davao, capital city of the Philippines, is a picturesque city where visitors will find a wide variety of sights to enjoy. There are plenty of places[…]

Airport Transportation Tips – How To Get To and From The Airport

The name Davao has become synonymous with cheap flights and Davao flights. Davao flights are cheap and comfortable flights from London to Davao. The flights offer the usual traveler amenities. This is the airport which also functions as a city terminal. The city is located between Panacan Island and Davao[…]

3 Places To Visit In El Paso Without Paying A Fortune

Last year, I had gone to Davao city and had stayed at the Hotel ‘El Paseo’ which is located at the Davao Medical Area where the Doctor is from. I had thought that the Hotel ‘El Paseo’ is the most expensive hotel in Davao City and it was not. It[…]

Cost of Living in Davao City

It is a hard thing to find a cost of living report that is updated regularly and does not give information that may seem very odd or surprising to most people. Let us have a look at one of the cost of living reports. This report is prepared by Mercer[…]

Davao City Travel Program – Make Money From Your Vacation!

When living in a place for more than 2 weeks, it becomes necessary to find out how the cost of living there compare to other places where one may live. The most important thing that is necessary to do is to check the cost of living to see how Davao[…]

A Tale of Two Philippine Presidents – Part 1

The article covers the Cost of living in Davao City and the Hotels in Davao City and available flights to Davao City from Manila, Manila-aviation, Manila hotels, Manila airport transfer, Davao airport transportation, Manila cruise, Manila travel deals, Davao city hotels and resorts and Davao city travel deals. Travelers can[…]

Book Cheap Flights to the Philippines

According to data from Time Index, Davao City, Philippines is ranked as the 5th most expensive city for domestic flights and the 1st most expensive city for international flights. Time Index is a provider of quality data about the cost of traveling. In their database, Davao City, Philippines features as[…]

Davao Hotel Guide

Davao City is the fourth largest city in Mindanao Island and the largest in the area. It is also known as the ‘City of Davao’ which is derived from its early Spanish name ‘Davao’. The Spanish colonizers called it ‘La Corona’ (the city) when they first discovered the island and[…]

Hotel Deal: Enjoy a Vacation at Low Cost

The town of Davao is justly famous for its hospitality. People here are very hospitable and are cordial toward guests. Even business travelers are warmly welcomed here as well as tourists who wish to spend time with their loved ones. With the ease of movement and amenities like Wi-Fi Internet,[…]