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Top 10 things to do in Davao

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Davao City Philippines

Davao City is a beautiful city in the Philippines to explore. It has so much to offer to the tourists. From expensive hotels to yummy street food, you should not miss any of these things when you are in Davao. Following we are sharing with you the list of the best 10 things to do in Davao:

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1- Explore Magsaysay Park

This park is located next to the sea. So, you are going to have a wonderful view from there. The park has been decorated with landscapes that attract visitors. You can also enjoy fresh fruits from there because there are many fruit stands who are offering all types of foods.

Davao City
Magsaysay Park

2- Must eat Durian

The Durian is not available everywhere. So, if you are in Davao city Philippines then you are the lucky one to eat durian. It is the local fruit so it does not cost you a lot at all. The fruit can be found in any small or big shop in the city. You can buy the whole fruit and ask the seller to cut it for you.

Davao City

3- Visit China Town

One of the most common things to do in Davao by travelers is to visit China Town. There are shopping malls, restaurants, bars, and markets from where you can buy almost all types of products at affordable prices. The China Town is located in the heart of the city. So, ask any taxi driver to take you there.

Davao City
Chinatown Davao City

4- Crocodile Park

The only crocodile park should not be missed when you are visiting Davao. While the park is famous for its crocodiles but there are many other animals to see. You can take pictures with them and even carry them in your hands for photography purposes. You will found all types and sizes of crocodiles there.

Davao City
Crocodile Park Davao

5- Eagle Center

If you have not seen eagles from very near before then you must visit eagle center. It is the home of dozens of beautiful eagles, snakes, and other species of birds. There are also food stalls there to enjoy the local food and have them walk on the beautiful track of the center which is surrounded by birds, flowers, and butterflies.

Davao City
Eagle Center

6- Get in the business class bar

It is not really expensive as it’s sound but made on the business class theme. While it is named as a bar but this place serves dinner and drinks. It is a place for everyone including families with kids. This bar is located in Lanang. There are two branches of this bar, but we suggest you go to Lanang’s one.

Davao City
business class bar

7- Visit museums

There are two main museums in Davao city Philippines and both of them have so much to offer you. You can explore the history, culture, handicraft, and much more in both of these museums including knowing the history of the Philippines and the tribes of Davao.

Davao City
Davao Museum

8- Buddhist Temple

There are many Buddhist temples in the Philippines but one which you should visit is located in Davao city. Its name is Lon Wa and it is located near the Medical Center of Davao. Beautiful interior and statues will never make you bore there.

Davao City
Buddhist Temple Davao

9- Visit a local market

The local market of Davao has so much to offer you. The best thing about this market is the affordable rates of all products. You can also enjoy the street food of Davao and purchase local products to gift to your friends and family when you return to your home.

Davao City
Davao Market

10- Eat the local dinner

One of the important things to do in Davao is to eat the food of the Philippines. Many restaurants in the city are offering local food. Surprisingly this food is much cheaper than other food available there.

Davao City
Davao foods


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