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Things to do in Davao City Philippines

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About Davao city Philippines I have been to Davao City many times and it is one of my favorite cities to explore in the Philippines because it has so much to offer to the tourists. Whether you are looking for the exclusive nightlife of Davao City Philippines or want to spend quality time with your family, this city will not disappoint you.

There are many things to do in Davao but if you are visiting here for the first time with family then you should not miss to do and visit the following things.

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Davao city Philippines Parks

I would not be wrong if I say that Davao city Philippines is the city of parks. There are more than dozen parks in this small city where you can spend quality time with your family. Especially, most of the parks in Davao city Philippines are designed for kids.

They are based on themes where there is always a playing area for them. The eagle center of this city is full of different types and sizes of eagles wherein the Crocodile Park, you can take pictures with the crocodile while holding them in your hand.

The crocodile park also has big size of snakes to watch. The People Park of the city is one of the main attractions for the families. It is a beautiful park which can be visited at night life to relax and have a calm environment.

If you are daring and want to see a different type of park then climb to Mount Apo through its track. The park at the top of the mountain gives a beautiful view of the city. You can enjoy BBQ there and also set your camp etc.

The Eden nature park of the city should not be missed and it should be on your list of things to do in Davao. Come with family here and spend quality time. There is also a place to eat. It is also known as an ideal place for a picnic.

All parks in Davao are full of beautiful flowers, have playgrounds, and offer an ideal place to relax. Although some of the parks have waterfalls, dancing fountains, and promenades, etc. In short, you are not going to be getting bored if you start exploring the parks of Davao city Philippines.

Davao city Philippines

Visit Museums

If you have to visit Davao and do not enter a museum, it is impossible. There is a total of two museums in the whole city. These two are enough to explore and understand the history and culture of Davao. The Davao Museum shows the history of the heroes of the Davao city Philippines and full of equipment, photography, and other art of different tribes.

The things to see in Museo Dabawenyo are not different. You can see their historical instruments and handicrafts art. From the shop of the museum, you can purchase some of the inspired art which you have seen in the museums. The price of handcrafts and other art near the museum is not high at all.

Davao city Philippines
Davao Museum

Explore Samal Island

This Island is located just a few miles from the main city. You need to reach there through a boat or ship. It is a beautiful island to explore. It is surrounded by green mountains where the water of the beach is very clear.

Davao city Philippines

In summer, this place is full the people but still has enough to offer a peaceful environment to the tourists. It is an ideal place for both; tourists traveling with kids and couples, etc. Simply get your relaxing chair and spend the day there in nature and relaxed.