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Best Davao City Resorts To Enjoy

Davao City Resorts

Davao City Resorts has a lot of attractions that one might like to enjoy when they visit. There are beaches, parks, great food and so much more to do when visiting this place. The place is known to have many beach resorts that people like to stay in during their trip to Davao City Resorts.

Best Davao City Resorts

There is a significant number of Davao City Resorts, but the Best Davao City Resorts include;

Chema’s by the Sea

These Davao City Resorts are very positively rated by the visitors. Many have said that it is private therefore perfect for people looking to spend their time alone or in private can opt for this resort. The staff that works there is extremely polite and assists the guests any time they want something.

Davao City Resorts

The breakfast is served every morning at 7 am. There is a pool on the resort’s premises and of course, a beach where one can relax. Many guests have complimented their food and said they liked the Thai theme meals they serve.

This place is the perfect spot for couples looking to either spend their honeymoon at a Davao City Resorts or get away from their daily lives.

1.   Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort

Paradise Island and Beach Resort is another beach resort in Davao City Resorts that many have preferred to stay in and enjoy the beach. The visitors have appreciated the friendly and polite staff members there. During these Covid-19 times, they follow all the rules and regulations to ensure their customers’ safety.

These Davao City Resorts are secure as there is an army, navy, and security personnel guarding the area, so stop worrying about being unsafe.

Other than that, it is a tidy place, and the facilities are maintained very well so if an individual decides to choose this place for their stay, they will have a fantastic time.

2.   Waterfront Insular Hotel Davao

Many people who travel to Davao City Resorts choose this resort for their stay. There are many reasons for their choice, including a great environment to relax and feel refreshed during their stay. The rooms are spacious and clean.

The guests enjoy the food, and some have described it as delicious and worth the money spent on it. They have room service, so if you would like to have meals in your room, just place your order, and it will arrive.

Davao City Resorts

This resort has rooms with a private balcony, so you enjoy the view in private from your room. It is rated positively by most of the guests who visited and stayed during their trip there. There is also the option to choose which type of rooms one wants, and the list includes a room with an ocean view, a family room, a suite, or non-smoking rooms.

3.   Cavanico Il Mare Resort

Cavanico Resort is the perfect place to stay during your trip to Davao City Resorts if you visit your family. They have a swimming pool and the right environment for families to enjoy and relax while not worrying about safety.

If you like to take photos of your trips, staying at this resort would be a great idea because the place is quite picturesque. The staff is always available for your assistance and is very helpful and polite to the guests. Some have even praised the food saying they enjoyed their meals at this resort.

Most visitors have positively rated the resort and said they would surely return when they visit Davao City Resorts. They provide free parking and also have the service of WiFi. All rooms are non-smoking rooms, so guests do not have to worry about any fires caused by cigarettes left unattended by guests.

4.   Loleng’s Mountain Spring Resort

If you are on a budget, choosing Loleng’s Mountain Spring Resort would be an excellent idea for several reasons. For starters, it has restaurants and tourist attractions within 5 miles, saving travel time to reach places where one can do some sightseeing or have a meal.

Secondly, the staff here has been trained well to assist the customers with queries and requests, which one should consider when choosing a place to stay during their trip.

Other than that, it is quite budget-friendly, so anyone who cannot afford to spend too much on accommodation can consider booking a room at this resort.

Visitors described it as relaxing and the right place to come to if you want to be away from too much noise because the resort is isolated; therefore provides the right environment to have some peace. They have a swimming pool and also offer the service of rowing a boat.

5.   Camp Holiday Resort & Recreation Area

This resort is what you call posh and fancy. It is a splendid place to choose if you are making a trip to Davao City Resorts with family for some time to relax and unwind because the surrounding is peaceful and you can take advantage of the activities they provide.

There is a swimming pool, the beach, of course, and even a private beach if anyone wants to enjoy their partner, family, or friends privately. They provide free parking space, high-speed internet free of charge, and non-smoking rooms.

Davao City Resorts

Moreover, the resort ensures that the premise is safe for all guests because they provide 24-hour security. There are also meeting rooms if one wishes to work or have a business meeting during their trip.

The place is kept clean by the staff, and the team accommodates the guests at all times. If a guest has any complaints or queries, the staff acts immediately without delay.

6.   Holiday Oceanview Samal Resort

This resort has a swimming pool and provides free parking for the guests. The guests have praised the staff for being friendly and accommodating. The place is kept clean, including the public restrooms.

Couples can choose this resort as it is peaceful and the environment is perfect for families too. The food is tasty, and they provide free breakfast to all the guests. The view is a sight for the eyes, and one can click those Instagram-worthy pictures at this Davao City Resorts.

The reviews are mostly positive, and many guests have declared they would stay here again when they visit Davao City Resorts. They also have a restaurant where one can have meals or order room service if they would like to eat their food in private, inside their rooms.

7.   D’Leonor Mountain Davao City Resorts

These Davao City Resorts are perfect for visits with family and friends. It has a pool and a restaurant that is very not at all expensive, as described by several guests who also said that the portion size was surprisingly incredible. The food is excellent in taste too so one can say it is worth the money.

D’Leonor is far off from the city so one would have to arrange transport or bring a car. However, anyone who wants to enjoy the calm and quiet environment would not complain about it being far from the city.

Davao City Resorts

The staff is accommodating and helpful when a guest approaches them with any questions or feedback. The view is stunning, and there are several activities one can indulge in to enjoy the trip.

They also have a wave pool that is an attraction for kids, and adults have a good time in it too. The place is neat, and the rooms are spacious, advantageous for people with families, especially kids.

8.   Jack’s Ridge Resort

Jack’s Ridge Resort is a beautiful beach resort with a breathtaking view. It is the perfect family resort, although slightly towards the expensive side but worth all the money. Guests have mostly left positive reviews about the said resort, describing how great their visit went.

They have a restaurant and a bar to sit and enjoy while sipping on some wine or champagne. The food is described as delicious and has Filipino cuisine. The view at night from the resort is mesmerizing with all the lights that light up the city.

There is a café where one can sit and enjoy a coffee with friends, family, or a partner. It is also an excellent place for couples to go to relax and have some privacy. There are parking spaces for the guests to park their vehicles while they visit the resort.


These Davao City Resorts mentioned above are all great places, and you can decide whichever is best for you as per your liking and budget. Davao City Resorts are the place one should go to to get away from the monotonous city life and enjoy some time away from responsibilities and work.

Families can bring their kids, swim in the pool, walk on the beach or take advantage of the activities provided by the Davao City Resorts they choose to stay at during their trip.

Most of these Davao City Resorts are not heavily occupied due to Covid-19, making this a perfect time for you to travel to Philipines and take the holiday you have been planning for a long time.