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Top 10 Best Davao Restaurants | Davao City Philippines

Davao Restaurants

The city of Davao is a high-class urbanized city situated on the island of Mindanao, Philippines. It is the Philippines’ biggest city in terms of covered areas—one of the best places for outstanding food and picnic spots for tourists.

Top 10 Best Davao Restaurants

Davao city is full of fantastic places to visit and many Davao Restaurants that offer tasty food. Davao comes on the third most populated city in the Philippines.

If you are a seafood lover or meat lover, you will definitely get your cravings satisfied in Davao city.

Here we have compiled a list of 10 Davao Restaurants we highly recommend to visit.

1.   Marina Tuna Restaurant

Davao Restaurants is famous for serving the yummiest seafood, including tuna. If you are a tuna lover, Marina Tuna restaurant is a must-visit place for you among all Davao Restaurants. Here, they serve tuna in ten different and best ways. These Davao Restaurants has never failed to serve delicious food to its customers.

Davao Restaurants

Different parts of fish are taken and turned into delicious dishes. It is also famous for maintaining the freshness of the food served.

Some of the must-try suggestions are Tuna roe, crispy tuna tail, grilled tuna belly, tuna eye sour soup, tuna sashimi, and tuna kinilaw. There are three separate branches of this restaurant in Davao City, and you can visit the nearest branch at per convenience.

2.   Blugre Café

Blugre café is a coffee shop that is homegrown and one of Davao city’s pioneered coffee. The café is serving since 1998 and is the one that introduced durian coffee for the first time in the country. The town is capitalized with the richness of delicious fruits. This café serves the perfect blend of durian fruit pulp in the coffee.

People in Davao Restaurants believe that it is an excellent way to introduce fruit to a person who doesn’t like it. Durian is famous for its satisfying aroma, but the variety of coffee makes it more palatable to people. The café also serves its own version of delicious cheesecake.

Just like other restaurants, Blugre Café also serves light meals, cakes, and pastries. The café has ten branches in the city, and none of them compromise on serving the best of the taste.

3.   Glamour Resto

Are you a crab lover? If yes, Glamour Resto restaurant is, without a second thought, the right choice for you. These Davao Restaurants is famous in the entire city for its tasty and unlimited crab. These crabs are cooked in a spicy and sweet sauce, giving them heavenly flavors.

Davao Restaurants

These Davao Restaurants has never compromised on serving fresh food. They source fresh crabs daily from Cotabato province to Davao city. Not only this, but they offer fresh and yummy food at an incredibly affordable price, which is under $10 per person.

The cost of crab food here is cheaper than any other Davao Restaurants. The options of food are not limited to crab only. There are different meat and seafood dishes served in this restaurant if you are not a big fan of crab.

4.   Tsuru

Tsuru is one of the best and oldest Davao Restaurants that offer Japanese food in Davao city. The restaurant is serving quality food since 1990. Tsuru is one of the best options when you are looking for delicious sushi at an affordable price.

They offer a lot of other variety of food other than sushi as well. But they are famous for their best ever sushi and maki creations, like, a mountain of salmon stuffed sushi covered in a creamy and spicy sauce, the gigantic Godzilla roll, and their signature volcano roll.

In their particular gigantic Godzilla roll, they serve it three different kinds of sushi wrapped. One wrapped in avocado, one in salmon, and one in fresh tuna.

5.   Claude’s Le Café De Ville

If you seek a fine and romantic dine-in experience, Claude’s Le Café De Ville is, without a second thought, the right place for you. It is a French restaurant started in 1996.

The restaurant’s location in a heritage home allows the restaurant to give an old-world charm. These Davao Restaurants have a great ambiance which shows a perfect blend of French tradition. After the owner Claude Le Niendre, the restaurant is now serving by his daughters.

At the sunsets, the Davao Restaurants makes the mood romantic and makes it the best place for a nice date. The homey ambiance of the restaurant makes it the best place for family lunch and dinner.

Penong’s Barbecue, Seafood, and Grill

Suppose you are looking for a tasty yet budget-friendly restaurant in the city of Davao. In that case, Penong’s Barbecue, Seafood, and Grill is your spot. The restaurant proudly announces itself as the “The number one “Barbecue House in Davao.” The grilled food restaurant serves delicious enough to make them contender of the title.

Davao Restaurants

The restaurant’s signature chicken “inato” is slightly smokey yet crispy and juicy. It is a delicate balance of sweet saltiness of a perfect barbecue.

They also offer combo meals which allow you to try both pork and chicken platter with rice at a price of less than P100. Even though Penong has many branches in the city, it is highly suggested to visit its main branch in Lanang.

6.   Ahfat Seafood Plaza

If you want to taste the world’s best Chinese food in Davao Restaurants, there is the best Chinese food restaurant Ahfat. Ahfat is a Chinese restaurant with three branches. They are situated in the Victoria Plaza Mall with the names of Ahfat1, Ahfat2, and Ahfat3. They all serve traditional dishes.

The food they serve is somehow similar to the food you may find in one of Binondo’s most renowned Davao Restaurants. As the name suggests, the specialty of Ahfat is its fish dishes and seafood served in Chinese style. The restaurant offers huge servings on each platter, so you should go in groups there.

7.   Misto

Suppose you are staying at Seda Abreeza during your trip or not. In that case, you can never miss a visit to Misto restaurant if you miss their indulging Malagos Dark Chocolate cheesecake, freshly made with Malagos dark chocolate and Malagos cheese. It is a great match when combined with a great coffee.

Misto’s mains are something you cannot overlook. Their Baby Back Ribs are known for being fall off the bone tender. Their crispy prawns with miso chili sauce are the perfect pick with the mangosteen-infused chili sauce and fruity notes for the light yet tasty option.

8.   Rekado Comfort Food Cuisine

Rekado Comfort Food Cuisine has a bright and cozy interior with a beautiful décor in pastel colors. In Rakado, you get a vibe similar to a coffee shop instead of one of the traditional Davao Restaurants. However, it is the perfect match for their Filipino menu of comfort classics with a twist.

Davao Restaurants

These Davao Restaurants serve fresh food produced in the city and the provinces of the surrounding. The signature dishes which are a must-try are, Kalderobo, adobo, kaldereta.

A tangy, savory beef stew served with crispy pork with an iron skillet with burning manga for a flavorsome kick to balance the pork’s succulence and sharp, salty flavors.

9.   Huckleberry Southern Kitchen And Bar

Huckleberry Southern Kitchen and Bar is one of the most high-end restaurants in Davao city. The restaurant prides itself on its Southern and Louisiana cuisine. Even though the restaurant is not very old, they still have maintained their quality food and never have been disappointed with the taste they offer.

Every year, the restaurant makes it to the list of best restaurants in Davao city. It offers southern fried chicken, huevos rancheros, and slow-roasted beef belly. They serve the food with their own sausages and bacon.

Apart from the yummy food, people come to the restaurant for its creative array of cocktails and for its well-stocked bar. Huckleberry is not a place where you only get good food, but it is one of Davao city’s top watering holes. The ambiance of the restaurant is outstanding.

The bar’s place in a compound was the ancestral house of an Oboza family. Prepare yourself to spend around 15 to 25 USD for each person for a whole meal. While drinks will not make you much damage, just about 2 to 5 USD for each drink.



Davao city Philippines is the third most populated city in the Philippines. The city is full of Davao Restaurants famous for the delicious food and beautiful ambiance. Although many restaurants catch tourists’ attention, we have tried to list up the best ten restaurants.

The city is famous for its seafood. Different Davao Restaurants serve crab, fish, and prawns in their diverse and unique ways. You also get many other options apart from seafood as well if you are not a big fan of seafood.

Another exciting feature all of the above Davao Restaurants have is that none of these compromises the freshness and taste of food. Every single day they get stuff from surrounding cities and serve fresh food.