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Fun Activities To Do In Davao City

Fun Activities

About Fun Activities In the Philippines, you do not get to experience many things that you can only experience in the Davao city Philippines. Davao is not counted as the best place to visit in the Philippines if you are a visitor or tourist. But if you want to experience Filipino food’s real flavors and want to experience a lot of fun at a reasonable price, Davao is your place.

Fun Activities To Do In Davao

So what are the best and fun activities to do in Davao? Let’s explore

looking for some adventure. At a small fee, you can get a camping experience the whole night.

1.   Kopiat Island

Kopiat island is one of the islands of Davao city, which you will never want to miss. This small and desolated island offers a refreshing view of greens with plenty of wildlife. We suggest you go in Kopiat Island for Fun Activities it will be more fun to explore this dreamland.

Fun Activities

It doesn’t take more than a half-hour to get there from the mainland via a speedboat ride. In this trip package, you also get delicious food, desserts, and a visit to the plantation of coconuts.

Suppose you want to spend time in private with a few close friends for Fun Activities, instead of large tour groups. Simply hire a personal boat and explore this beautiful island carefreely.

2.   Dahican Beach

Another great place for a Fun Activities experience and an excellent time is Dahican Beach. It will be so satisfying to spend under the sun in front of turquoise water and glittering sand. If you really want to add more fun to your stay, you can rent surfboards and boogie boards to catch water waves.

In Dahican beach, some resorts take you to island hopping tours if you are looking for some Fun Activities. At a small fee, you can get a camping experience the whole night.

3.   China Town

Have you ever thought of getting a trip to mini China in Davao city? No? Here you have a great chance to experience exploring China town. China Town Davao is a vast spread out place for over 44 Hectors, where you get a collective experience of Chinese shops, malls, businesses, and food.

Most of the Chinese Filipinos run businesses there. The China town welcomes you with its bright red Chinese archway where you feel standing in real China. Hua Temple and Mindanao Taoist Temple are a must-visit; you will love these traditional temples’ architecture.

4.   Crocodile Park

One of the known destinations for tourists in Davao city is Crocodile Park. There are THOUSANDS of crocodiles stay in the park. There is both saltwater and freshwater available for crocodiles for a better breed.

Fun Activities

They also have an incubator room for Fun Activities and visitors can get to see the eggs and little baby crocodiles. Other than crocodiles, visitors also get to see snakes, birds, and other different reptiles. If you are in Davao City for the first time, The Crocodile Park is a recommended suggestion.

5.   Isla Reta

Isla Reta is one of Davao’s sparkling beaches. At an entrance fee of the resort, you get access to a Volleyball court, outdoor grill, open function hall, and pavilion use.

Get a pump boat with your picnic stuff and experience the Fun Activities of this beautiful island along with your favorite people. The island is full of shadowy big billowy trees, shining water, and clear white sand.

6.  Museo Dabawenyo

Museo Dabawenyo is a historical place in Davao city. It used to serve as a court in the old days and now represents Davao’s people’s history. They aim to make people learn about the diverse heritage cultures at this island using beautiful artwork, informational tributes, and historical pictures.

There is an indigenous gallery of people within the Museo Dabawenyo with replicas of musical instruments, weapons, and stilt houses. Also, there is a gallery of Moro people, full of antiques like amours, crowns, lamps, and chairs.

In the contemporary gallery, you see Filipino traditional clothing. In their Memorabilia gallery, there are bills, musical notes, clothes, and more stuff.

If you love to know about the history of today’s place, Museo Dabawenyo is a must-visit spot for you. There you will travel back in the past looking at these antique stuff in there.

7.  Aqua Fun Resort

Bring out the child inside you at this incredible Aqua Fun Resort. Just for PHP 300, you can enjoy a 40 meters slide that dives directly into the sea.

This resort offers many water activities such as snorkeling, jet-skiing, banana boat rides, and kayaking. You can have a Fun Activities time at this resort.

8.  Island Buenavista

Plan an incredible night stay with your favorite people on an island you can own all alone for a night. Island Buenavista is a beautiful small island with crystal clear water, sparkling sand, delicious meals, comfortable accommodations, and Fun Activities of water activities.

You can get it all just at a low cost of PHP 105000 for a whole group of your friends. You will own the island for an entire day at this price, which means no interruption or disturbance from random visitors so you can continue your Fun Activities continuously.

9.  Eagle Center

Philippine Eagle Center is a place where you will get to see the national bird of the Philippines. These eagles are a bit different than normal eagles and are found only in this country. Every penny you pay to visit this place goes for Eagle conservation.

At Eagle center, you will get to experience the adventurous fun by taking photos very close to eagles. This center dedicates its efforts to protect eagle species and provide you a place to have unforgettable moments with incredible eagles.

10.  Davao Museum

Davao Museum is full of vintage maps and culture-inspired artwork. It is a two-story building, quite huge than Museo dabawenyo. Here you will get to have a glimpse at the cultures of minorities in the Philippines through incredible artwork and a vast collection of memorabilia.

Fun Activities

Dedicate at least more than an hour for this place to indulge in the beauty of this place. Here you will also find ages-old artifacts, rare maps of Mindanao, hand-carved artifacts, and modern paintings for Fun Activities. It is better to feel this place as long as you’re there because here people cannot capture pictures.

11.  Roxas Avenue

Roxas Avenue is a night market for Davao residents. Here you can spend a night like a local and shop your favorite fruits and veggies. You will see small to big stalls of fresh seafood, veggies, and meat items and enjoy Fun Activities here freely.

Here you can experience light and casual time roaming freely around the stalls while enjoying grilled pork in the sticks.

12.  Civet Coffee

Suppose you are a coffee person and enjoy every sip of it, Tada! A feast found for you. An exciting and strong flavor of coffee, Civet Coffee is good enough to satisfy your taste buds. A Civet is a native animal of the Philippines that looks like a cat.

Fun Activities

The specialty of this coffee is, the Civet eats sweet coffee cherries and poops out sweet beans. This process gives the coffee beans a deep flavor that cannot be compared with regular coffee. If you try to buy Civet coffee in the USA, you will have to pay a significant amount to get that, but it doesn’t cost much in Davao and you can also enjoy many other Fun Activities here.

13.  Mount Apo

Mount Apo is famous as the king of Philippine Peaks for Fun Activities. It is known as one of the highest mountains in South Asia, and its peak reaches a height of 10,311 feet. There is a crater lake towards the top, which is created by volcanic activity.

14.  Eden Nature Park

Eden Nature Park is situated at the foot of Mount Talomo. Here you will get a chance to explore the wildlife experience full of beautiful birds, exotic plants, insects, and flowers for Fun Activities.

The park gives a complete view of a lot of pine trees. Here you get another level of freshness of nature dissolved in the breeze.

15.  D’Bone Collector Museum

D’Bone Collector Museum is one of the weird yet exciting places to visit when you’re in Davao city. As it seems from the name, it is a museum where skeletons of different animals are kept. More than 200 kinds of species’ skeletons in the museum will leave you in goosebumps for Fun Activities.

The collection of skeletal bones here keep growing every year. The museum was opened by an American missionary back in 2012.


Davao city is, without a second thought, a must-visit place when you are in the Philippines. This city has never disappointed its visitors and has always welcomed breathtaking beaches, heavenly islands, and delicious food.

Not only this, but there are a lot of traditional places for Fun Activities, where you get to experience the beautiful contrast of Filipino cultures. Not only this, but you can experience several cool activities in Davao City.

There are several museums with a lot of exciting species kept safe inside. Davao City is a place where you will receive the ultimate pleasure of enjoying vacations and Fun Activities.

You get everything covered here that we seek on vacations like beautiful resorts, fresh greenery, Rare species of birds and animals, and pure and crystal clear water islands.