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Best Resorts In Davao City To Visit And Enjoy

resorts in Davao city

Davao is the largest urban center in the Philippines. After Manila and Cebu, it is the third most populated city. Davao is known for its natural attractions. Most of which are easy to reach from the city center.

Resorts In Davao City

Within around one hour’s travel from the airport to the city. You can see the pristine white sand beaches of the Samal island and the highland nature parks at Mount Apo, the Philippines’ highest peak. Davao city is the major gateway to the provinces in surrounding and nearby regions in the eastern and southern part of Mindanao.

If you are a keen tourist and want to save your time to know about the must-visit places, here is the list of best destinations to visit.

1. Marco Polo Davao

Marco Polo Davao is a five-star and best resorts in Davao city located in the heart of Davao city. You can indulge in their suites’ serenity at this resort and enjoy a beautiful view that only the town’s tallest buildings can give.

Everything from an exclusive spa to the striking pool lounge reveals how they maintain the hotel’s grace with a touch of royalty in this hotel.

Its undoubtedly world-class services, the best view in the city, and beautifully decorated interiors make this hotel stand out of the ordinary. Marco Polo Davao is a perfect choice for debutantes, businesspeople, and tourists from around the world. Marco Polo Davao is one of the highly recommended resorts in Davao city.

2. Pearl Farm Beach Resort

Pearl Farm Beach Resort is the only five-star Resorts In Davao City which is located at a beach in Mindanao. The farm displays magnificence in Christine’s tropical heaven. Stay at this place starts with the serving of refreshments at the iconic Parola and a breathtaking view of the sparkling sea with lush greenery.

The resort prides itself in its artistic marriage of tribal designs, marriage materials, and sophisticated architecture. The suites are named after ethnic groups of Mindanao like T’boli and B’laan. The houses are artfully decorated after the Samal’s stilt shelters.

resorts in Davao city

These are full of vibrant ethnic patterns against the dark wood and crisp white linens. The stunning views and flawless architecture make the resort a perfect destination to visit—plan to visit this beautiful resort if you want to experience ultimate luxury.

3. Chema’s By The Sea

This small yet beautiful Resorts In Davao City located on the island of Samal, which is just a ten minutes distance from the city from a boat ride. The Filipino-Spanish and the Balinese influences in its décor are marked in the windy thatched roofs and the stones-and-bricks accents scattered around the area.

A human-made saltwater pool surrounded by beautiful trees is a treat to the eyes. The place is perfect for spending your time and is worth visit.

4. Philippine Eagle Center

Philippine Eagle Center is the park where you can see the great Philippine Eagle. these also have the best Resorts In Davao City. It is the country’s national bird and is counted as the largest eagle in the world.

These Resorts In Davao City must-visit if you are a nature lover and like to experience the freshness and beauty of a life away from city life. The park resembles a traditional rainforest and is a great place to spend quality time.

5. The Bourke

The Bourke is perfect for travelers who are looking for a sophisticated and attractive escape. It is a modern boutique hotel in downtown Davao. The hotel was designed and established by the Award-winning Australian team, which had built Bondi and Bourke.

The Resorts In Davao City provides twenty minimalist suites designed with Spanish-Filipino elements and furnishing. Bondi and Bourke, which are located in the same area, mirrors the appealing yet straightforward aesthetic. You can enjoy their waffles and brunch mimosas in the Resorts In Davao City.

Stylish, private, and convenient, The Bourke is the right place for travelers or tourists. Not only this but also an ideal place for couples to have intimate time together.

6. Club Samal Resort

Club Samal Resort is one of the newly introduced resorts on Samal Island. There is a massive beautiful pool in the center of the resort that grabs visitors’ attention as soon as they visit the place. The facilities the resort offers ensures that you spend a relaxing time during your entire stay.

resorts in Davao city

The rooms are designed to get to see a view of the swimming pool from the window. This attractive and luxurious club resort is a perfect pick to spend vacations or holidays these are the best Resorts In Davao City.

7. Leticia By The Sea

The Island of Talicud gives more privacy than Samal. Leticia By The Sea is the perfect choice to spend time in solitude with your loved ones on a private Island. The elegant little resort is built around the pavilion on a hill that gives manifesting views of Talucud and the sea around.

An artistic manicured garden divides the villas’ pavilion and the air-conditioned cottages that make up the resort’s accommodation.

Here, visitors get to experience the resort’s ample water sports, from jetski’s rides to snorkeling to paddleboats for diving. It is undoubtedly a great place to enjoy your time, especially when you come in large groups.

8. Park Inn by Radisson Davao

Just a twenty-minute ride away from the airport, Park Inn by Radisson Davao welcomes its guests with colorful and bright interiors. Bold statement pieces and the modern paintings installed in the hall and hotel rooms add a punch of beauty and a different style than other Resorts In Davao City.

Apart from its unique interior, the hotel is also known for its unparalleled convenience. The hotel gives its guests a 24/7 shuttle service from and to the airport.

9. Water Front Insular Hotel

Water Front Insular Hotel is famous as the jump-off point for boats. This beautiful beachfront hotel has the best of its palm tree-lined environment and neo-classic interiors. The shore’s gazebos and open-air front desk are to satisfy the craving to experience island life.

On the other hand, the deluxe rooms offer a comfortable and classic escape from the world—the best option for families, groups, and couples to spend quality time.

10. Bali Bali Beach Resort

Bali Bali Beach Resort is another beautiful destination to have a good time and experience both nature and luxury at the same time. In the native language of Pangasinan, “Bali Bali” means “the beautiful.” The name perfectly suits this beautiful beachfront resort.

The suites and themed garden villas bring you to Indonesia, Japan, and Thailand. You can experience it all while being just a few minutes away from Davao city. At the villas’ heart and suites, the resort’s main attraction is its stunning gigantic pool overlooking the sea. these are the top best Resorts In Davao City.

11. The Eden Nature Park And Resort

This beautiful destination is an actual worth for a visit. The Resorts In Davao City are located among the pine trees on the peak of the mountains of Davao city. The beautiful nature park allows connecting with nature.

The calm and refreshing mountain air gives a serene feeling of satisfaction to the people. Beautiful peacocks can be sighted roaming freely around the blooming flowers. The park has the rarest plants like the Micky mouse plant, the blue roses, and the Susans.

It is a perfect place to visit, especially for couples where they can stay in the intimate cottages near the resorts’ ravines. At the same time, families can stay in the big mountain villas that give a serene comfort in the middle of the forest.

12. The Island Buenavista

Ever thought about having to stay on an entire island all alone or with only those you love to see around? The Island Buenavista gives you this treat to experience this out-of-the-world experience. You get to enjoy tall palm trees and four hectares of clear white sand surrounded by the aquamarine water in utmost privacy.

resorts in Davao city

At Buenavista island, people can take a tan or dip in the water by the pool. A mesmerizing view of the sunset from the gazebo and delicious dinner can be enjoyed in the dining hall.

As the day comes to an end, people can return back to their island suites, family villas, and beach huts by the beach. It is truly a comforting and intimate luxury Resorts In Davao City, ideally perfect for couples who want to spend quality time in privacy in these Resorts In Davao City.

13. Sea Green Café

Couples, groups, or small families looking for a homey and unique experience in downtown Davao can spend their time at any of only three boutique rooms in the Sea Green Café. The café started as a small beach café, which served healthy seafood meals, is now expanded and almost fully booked.

The well-lit and monochromatic rooms offer the best luxury to the visitors. These Resorts In Davao City welcomes its guests with its signature delicious breakfast.



Davao city is the third most populated city in the Philippines, which comes after Manali and Cebu. The city is full of gorgeous hotels and Resorts In Davao City for couples and families to enjoy and spend quality time together in Resorts In Davao City.

Most of the places here are surrounded by sparkling sea and gives the visitors an unforgettable experience here in Resorts In Davao City.