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Top places to visit in Davao to enjoy the nightlife

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Davao city nightlife

About Davao city nightlife There are a limited number of nightclubs, bars, and pubs in Davao city Philippines. Choosing best to visit and enjoy Davao city nightlife could be difficult if you are new to the city or have just one night to spend. To make it easy for you, following we are sharing the list of top places to visit in Davao to enjoy the nightlife.

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Davao city nightlife

Stre3ts Urban Lifestyle Pub

This pub is located on Loyola Street. Other than just offering the different types of drinks you can actually at a really good quality of food there. Their prices of drinks in this club are very reasonable. A large glass of beer only costs 90 Pesos where you can a tin of coke in 50 Pesos.

The atmosphere of this pub is very good where the staff is very friendly. They all understand English so you can place your order easily. The music is not very loud here which is actually good news for those who want to enjoy food, light music, and drink. You should visit here once to enjoy a comfortable Davao city nightlife.

Davao city nightlife

Alcatraz Penal Bar

This bar is located at Polo Street. You can ask a taxi driver to take you there. High music, dance floor, and drinks are the identities of this bar. You can also make new friends there here in Davao city nightlife. Inside the bar, it’s quite dark where the colorful lights dance with the beat of the music.

It is an ideal place to dance with strangers on the dance floor. You can also meet with girls there; both local and girls from other countries. If you are looking for sex, then you can approach the local girl but keep in mind that they are just visitors like you so play it safe and do not ask for sex directly in Davao city nightlife.

Davao city nightlife

BEEReaucracy Bar

This is a new bar that was opened in 2015. The interior of this bar is very modern where you can drink a wide range of beer as well in this bar. This bar is located on Polo Street. The good thing about this bar is not just the variety of beers and other drinks but also the food.

Yes, they do serve a big variety of food but most of them are fast food like burgers, stakes, and BBQ dishes, etc. So, if you are not finding a good place to eat delicious food then this bar is a perfect choice in the term to enjoy Davao city nightlife and enjoy the yummy food. The atmosphere of this place is very good. There is the proper place for sitting and enjoying drinks and food in Davao city nightlife.

Indigo Bar Davao

This is one of the popular bars in Davao city nightlife Philippines. As compared to others this is one of the biggest bars in the town which serve drinks and food indoor and outdoor to the guests. Instead of dancing on tapped music, there is a band sitting at the front of the bar that performs live. In Davao city nightlife You can enjoy all types of music there and enjoy a variety of food.

It is a really good place to hang out in the evening with friends and family. The outdoor setup of this makes it exclusive from other bars of the town. This bar is located at Matna Diversion Road. You can easily reach there by taxi or local transport because it is located on the main road.

Davao city nightlife

Club Echelon

This place is totally fun. If you are looking for a place where the music is loud in Davao city nightlife, people are addicted to dance, and a variety of beers available, then you need to enter Club Echelon. It is a big place where hundreds of people can stay at a time. The club is divided into different parts. There is an area with proper sitting while on another side a big dance floor with DJ who plays a good selection of music.

Davao city nightlife
Davao city nightlife

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