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Top 10 Best Davao Tourist Spots | Davao City Philippines

Eden Nature Park

About Davao Tourist Spots Now and then, one should go for a family trip. These vacations help you relax and freshen up your mood and relieve all the mental and physical stress.

Davao City is the best place for tourism. You can find tons of different places where you can go and enjoy the view. There are also many resorts and restaurants where you can find some delicious food.

This city is present within the Philippines and is considered one of its biggest cities. According to a survey in 2018, it was deemed one of the cities that have the purest air. You can go to a museum to watch the city’s culture or walk down a pathway to taste some food.

If you plan on visiting Davao, you can know about the 10 Best places you can see in Davao. These might also encourage you to arrange a family vacation soon if you haven’t made one yet.

Top 10 Best Davao Tourist Spots

There are tons of places that you can visit once you enter Davao Tourist Spots, but here we decided to pick the ten best Davao Tourist Spots that are mandatory to be seen if you are on a short trip.

1.      Eden Nature Park

The Eden Nature Park Resort is one of the best Davao Tourist Spots if you want to commune with Nature. The Activities you can find there are highly recommended to relieve stress and tension due to the tropical climate surely.

Davao Tourist Spots

The Davao Tourist Spots where you can go in this nature park are:

  • Flower Garden
  • Plaza Maria
  • Amphitheatre
  • Mayumi’s Well
  • Lola’s Garden
  • Pine Forest

This Resort has homey accommodations, Restaurants, and many more. You will have access to the swimming pool, buffet, etc., if you stay at the Eden Nature Park Resort. It is one of the best places to spend time with your loved ones and go out to many other places.

Some of the recreational activities you can perform are Hiking, skydiving, sky wheeling, Fishing, etc. You can also go to the Bamboo maze to test your navigation skills.

2. Crocodile Park

This park has a vast collection of Crocodiles. The most enormous 18 feet saltwater Crocodile is also kept inside this park. But there are too many other reptiles like lizards, snakes, monkeys, birds, and many more here in Davao Tourist Spots.

This park was opened in 2005, and it has been the home for many “sea waters” and saltwater animals. If you are a traveler, you can also feed the kids and wish for good fortune. This place also provides awareness of so many essential things.

You can see thousands of Crocodiles inside the park. And if you visit the incubator, you will see hundreds of eggs being grown into crocodiles. It reflects the “state of the art” crocodile farming.

You can also visit the nearby Tribu K Mindanawan Cultural Village and Davao Butterfly House here in Davao Tourist Spots.

3. Epol and Sicao Falls

The Epol fall, formerly known as the Green valley waterfall one of the best Davao Tourist Spots, which is located 100km away from Davao City. It can take about three and a half hours to reach it. You need to pay a fee before entering the waterfall as this fee is used to maintain the Epol falls. It is a sweat-free and beautiful trek, and you would like to visit and relax besides this waterfall.

Davao Tourist Spots

The Sicao Falls can be reached by a 4 – 6 hours trek from the Purok 6. It takes a lot of enthusiasm to reach this waterfall. People prefer to spend the night on a campsite and then proceed towards the waterfall to spend the day peacefully.

4. Eagle Centre

Suppose you want to donate to the wildlife. In that case, you should visit the Philippines Eagle Centre, where your entrance fee is used to converse the country’s national bird. Also, this place provides a fun platform for visitors. You can watch around 36 different types of Philippines eagles here.

You can watch the eagles eat raw meat and fly around. You can take pictures in this place that are unclosed and unseen. There are a few other species of animals that you can see at this place. This place has an area of 8.4 hectares and is present on the foothills of Mt.Apo.

5. Museo Dabawenyo

It is also called the Museum of Davao.’ It is one of the two museums that you will find inside Davao city. One of the interesting facts is that it was once the building of the Court of First Instance. But it was then rehabilitated to showcase the rich tradition of the Davao Tourist Spots.

It aims to teach the people about the area’s cultural heritage through paintings, artworks, and monuments. It is filled with beautiful relics such as crowns, armors, chairs, and many more. Also, go and visit the Contemporary gallery inside the museum to see the traditional Filipino clothing.

6. Samal Island

The one thing you shouldn’t miss in Davo city Philippines is the Samal island surrounded by white sand beaches and tropical grandeur. Here you can find the best Resorts in Davao, Philippines. You can escape the city noise and enjoy yourself in this place.

This place has a beach but to reach it; you need to climb up Mt. Putting Bato. It may take a lot of trouble, but the view you will see from there will be worthless. You can also add the Monfort Bat cave if you are visiting Samal Island.

7. Jack’s Ridge

If you want to view the entire city from one spot, then Jack’s Ridge is the place you should be heading. Apart from the magnificent view, you will find two restaurants you can choose to eat from. One offers open-air dine-in, and the other has a specialty for coffee and tea.

You can also prefer to stay the night there to enjoy the beautiful sunrise here in Davao Tourist Spots. There are cottages and pools where you can stay and enjoy your day. Besides, you will get to know the history of this place.

This place was used as the headquarters for fleeing Japanese during world war 2. Those people created the base of this place and made it a fantastic location. There is a legend that this place is gold bullion or any other, but whatever the reason it, this place was an important place due to which those Japanese came here.

8. Aquafun Resort

You can also go to the Aquafun Resort to enjoy and let your inner kid-free. It is just outside the city, and Davao Tourist Spots here you can enjoy a fantastic boat ride with a beautiful view. If you are young, you can enjoy 40 meters slides that will throw you into the sea.

Davao Tourist Spots

You can enjoy a boat ride, jet-skiing, snorkeling, and kayaking. After it, you can dry yourself off at the canopy walk on a suspended bridge. Suppose you go there; it will be a fantastic day for you. You can enjoy an entire day there and still want to stay there a bit more.

9. Chinatown

Chinatown is the biggest place in Davao Tourist Spots that you can find in Davao City and was founded in 2009. It is the only one in Mindanao and is the residential area for the Filipino-Chinese community. You can find three famous Temples in this area: Buddhist Temple, Polian Temple, and Mindanao Taoist Temple.

There are Chinese restaurants, shops, malls, all spread out over 44 hectares. You can see a traditional red archway with a shingled roof on the entrance. This arch has a Chinese figure that symbolizes unity. You should go and see the Chinese architecture of the temples and many more here in Davao Tourist Spots.

10. People’s Park

It is a well-maintained park in the center of the city. It is accessible to everyone who wants to enjoy a calm environment. You can also see many unique sculptures, paintings made by local artists, and many more things.

Mayor-President Duerte created it in 2007. It is spread on 4 acres of tropical land with ponds, rain forests, waterfalls, shady trees, and wild eagles that you might find interesting. You can also join the Zumba class every Sunday with the locals or enjoy a run or exercise in fresh surroundings.

There are paved pathways where you can have a walk here in Davao Tourist Spots or have a family picnic under shady trees. You can easily have all the fun and enjoy the art at the same place.


So here you go. These were the Top 10 Best Tourist Spots in Davao Tourist Spots that you can visit when you plan on going on a vacation. These Davao Tourist Spots might have made you interested in seeing them as soon as possible. So don’t hold back and plan a trip to this beautiful place right away.